You know how people say “Make a living out of what you love”…

Well, that’s what I did.

I have been helping friends and family with their Disney Vacations for a long time.  So, I decided to make a living out of doing it.

I became an independent affiliate of Academy Travels – and their sub-company, Mickey Vacations.  I work from home, part-time, while being a stay-at-home mom.  I have been to Disney World MANY times & absolutely love helping people plan their perfect magical trip. I have been with and without kids, and even been AS a kid, so I am pretty knowledgeable about what can make up a wonderful, magical Disney trip.

Here’s what I do:

I help my clients plan their Disney trips – and my services are FREE!!!!

– I start out by asking a series of questions to figure out what options are best for you and your family – or if you already know what you want, taking all of your specific wants and needs & making them into a package for you.

– Get a specific quote for your package (usually with a few different options)

– Book your package for you

– Help you to put together an itinerary to make your trip run a little smoother

– Book Advance Dining Reservations for you at whatever restaurants you’d like – and I can even help you decide what you and your family might enjoy, if you don’t know anything about each restaurant.

– Answer any questions you might have previous to your trip

– Give you my personal cell phone number & texting access to me while you are on your trip, so that I can help you with anything that may come up on your trip (such as “What is the best way to get to Epcot?” – “Where is a really good ice cream shop in Magic Kingdom?” – etc)

**I can help you as much (or as little) as you’d like. I definitely don’t want to interfere with your planning, if you like to do it as much as I do. I will gladly just get the booking done & let you handle the rest, if that’s what you prefer to do.

**My services are paid for by Disney, so there is no charge for my clients, for my services.

Click here to get a FREE quote!


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