True or False:  Magic Kingdom is all there is to Disney World.


On the map above, you can see that Magic Kingdom is the area at the top.  You can see how much more there is on the Disney World property.

Thinking that Magic Kingdom is all there is seems to be a very common misconception about Disney World. Magic Kingdom is mistakenly pictured as the only “park”.  That actually hasn’t been true since 1982.  Disney World is made up of four different theme parks, all of which have their own themes, attractions, and fans:

Magic Kingdom


Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

There are also two water parks in Disney World, for those that want to cool off in the hot Florida weather:

Typhoon Lagoon

Blizzard Beach

There is also an large shopping, dining, and entertainment area called Downtown Disney.  No passes are required to get into Downtown Disney.

There is also a place for you sports fans – ESPN Wide World of Sports.

For those of you that need to hit the greens while down in Disney, you can visit one of their 5 award-winning golf courses.


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